Operations Director Michelle (Left) and Craig, Managing Director of Utili-Tay standing infront of greenery.

Utili-Tay look towards the future with new Director appointment

September 14, 2023

Dundee-based energy management firm, Utili-Tay has appointed Michelle De Almeida as Operations Director and Shareholder. Michelle started working for the organisation as a consultant last September, she has been the driving force for repositioning the company. This has included a relocation to Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, a new digital presence for the company and expanding the team’s capabilities. As a result, Utili-Tay has seen a 186% increase in sales with 42% client growth in her first year at the business.  

In recognition of these achievements, Managing Director, Craig Elder has awarded Michelle’s significant contribution to the business with a new role as Operations Director where she will be responsible for Utili-Tay’s strategic development to ensure the future growth of the company. 

Managing Director Craig (left) with Operations Director (right) standing in front of a wind-turbine, green font Utili-Tay sign at their premises at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, Dundee.
Managing Director, Craig Elder (left) with newly-appointed Operations Director, Michelle De Almeida (right)
at Utili-Tay HQ located at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, Dundee.

Starting out as an energy brokerage, Utili-Tay has shifted their mission towards eliminating wasted energy for all businesses, big or small in order to create a strong, cleaner economy. To achieve this, Utili-Tay is helping businesses across a variety of sectors to meet their Net Zero targets. The company has invested in innovative smart technology with a carbon monitoring system, Eniscope, which gives an accurate report of how energy is being used in real-time. This can help identify areas of waste so that the team can develop a strategy that will help their clients to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Recently, the firm has been recognised for their work, being named finalists for Transitioning to Net Zero and Net Zero accolades at the Courier Business Awards and Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce Business Awards respectively.  Managing Director of Utili-Tay, Craig Elder has also received personal recognition as a finalist for Chamber Champion, highlighting his dedication to helping the local business community to thrive. 

Utili-Tay Operations Director Michelle walking with David Southern down the food aisles of Eddy's Food Station
Utili-Tay Operations Director, Michelle De Almeida (left) with David Southern (right) of Eddy’s Food Station.

Utili-Tay are transforming the way businesses think about energy, not only in terms of the environment but also from an economic standpoint. Rather than fixating on the cost per KwH, Utili-Tay are encouraging businesses to re-evaluate how they are using energy. With a recent study by London Economics revealing that recent high energy prices are still causing concern for businesses, the local firm is helping them to identify ways that they can make significant savings on their energy costs. 

The positive impact of this work can be seen in a recent project, with Utili-Tay helping Eddy’s Food Station, a chain of convenience stores that are located across Scotland, with the nearest in Leuchars, to save 35% on their monthly energy bills

Michelle De Almeida, Operations Director at Utili-Tay: “Working with Craig and his team, I’ve been inspired by the client stories and how determined Utili-Tay are to make a real difference and drive growth in the local economy. Over the past year, I’ve seen firsthand the evidence that companies can make substantial savings as part of their strive to achieve their climate change targets – I am delighted that by becoming Operations Director, I can play a role in more success stories and champion the area’s movement towards Net Zero.” 

Craig Elder, Managing Director at Utili-Tay:  “We are delighted to appoint Michelle as a Director at Utili-Tay. Her wealth of knowledge and experience are invaluable, and will help to shape the strategic direction of the organisation as we move forward and take Utili-Tay to the next level.” 

You can catch Craig at Scotland’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition at SEC Armadillo on 25th October 2023, where he will be speaking about how every business can work towards net zero with no or low-cost changes, and for those who are able to make some investment how they can use “The greatest story never told” to transform their business. 

To find out more: www.manufacturingexposcotland.com/register/ 

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