Usage under £2,500 annually

Small Energy Usage Businesses

Enhance your finances, prioritise operations, save costs, and increase sustainability with our energy brokerage and usage advice.

Reduce your costs and ease pressures on your facilities

Among all the challenges facing businesses today, energy costs represent a significant pressure for everyone.

With heating, lighting, and equipment usage being critical components, energy costs can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line, making it difficult to maintain profitability and invest in growth.

While energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy solutions are available, these can often require a significant initial investment, which may be challenging for small businesses with limited resources.

Our experts are here to guide and advise you so that you can adopt no cost or low cost energy-efficient practices that will actually reduce your energy consumption and costs, while also working towards Net Zero goals.

Learn where your money is going
We start by looking at your current utility bills and usage to understand what parts of your business cost you money.
Find opportunities to save
Next we make recommendations on how you can reduce wasted energy and save money on your bills

How we work with you


Initial Audit

Your designated account manager will request a Letter of Authority (LOA) to speak with your current energy provider, to see your current usage and costs

Carbon Review

Your ccount manager will then propose options to reduce your ongoing utilities costs and carbon footprint.


We will take care of your energy provision, seamlessly transferring it from your current provider and support you with implementation of no cost or low cost energy saving initiatives.


Annual Review

Your account manager will remain your point of contact going forward.  Liaise with them about business changes to ensure your utilities remain in the best shape.

At Utili-Tay, our energy brokerage service is designed to help businesses secure the most competitive energy deals from suppliers.

Our expert energy brokers have in-depth knowledge of the energy market, enabling them to analyse your energy usage, negotiate better deals with suppliers, and provide energy management advice to help you identify areas where you may be wasting energy and reduce your costs over time.

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