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Arable and livestock farming

Improve your farming profit margins and carbon footprint by reducing energy waste.

Reduce your costs and ease pressures on your facilities

With many farmers working long hours to manage their operations, they may not have time to monitor their water and energy usage carefully, leading them to end up on out-of-contract rates, higher overheads and reduced profitability.

With the increasing pressure to combat climate change, many farmers are being challenged to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This includes reducing carbon emissions from their energy usage, which can be a significant challenge given the high energy demands of farming operations and their typically remote location.

Save money on your bills by eliminating wasted energy

Learn where your money is going
We start by looking at your current utility bills and usage to understand what parts of your business cost you money.
Find opportunities to save
Next we make recommendations on how you can reduce wasted energy and save money on your bills
Monitor your journey to Net Zero
By analysing the impact of these improvements, and monitoring usage through smart technology, we can continue to improve on your energy efficiencies.

How we work with you


Initial Audit

A designated account manager will perform a Gap Analysis, identifying your current situation and outlining goals with you for the future. They will require a Letter of Authority (LOA) to see your current usage and costs.

Carbon Review

A site visit will be conducted by your account manager. They will then propose options to reduce your ongoing utilities costs and carbon footprint.

System Installation

We'll implement the agreed energy saving measures, install carbon monitoring  and review monthly to track progress in consumption,  highlighting new opportunities to pursue.

Quarterly Reviews

From month 4 onwards, your account manager will provide quarterly reviews to monitor progress and offer advice and recommendations to optimise savings.

Get a handle on your utility bills

At Utili-Tay, we believe that every manufacturing business is unique and has specific energy requirements. That's why we offer tailored solutions to streamline your utility bills and help you save money.

Our team of experts will analyse your energy usage patterns, assess your current suppliers, and negotiate on your behalf to secure the best deals. We work with a wide range of renewable energy suppliers, ensuring that we can provide you with the best possible options for your business.

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Proactively manage your energy usage to save costs

As agricultural businesses face rising energy costs and lower margins through the supply chain, carbon monitoring systems can help you to optimise your energy usage and identify where energy is being wasted.

By connecting to utility meters and individual devices, our solutions offer real-time information and reporting on energy usage, allowing farmers to easily track which appliances are using energy and the amount of energy consumed by each one.

Track and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about carbon monitoring

Energy Saving Solutions

Take further action to reduce your utility bills with our energy saving solutions.

Your initial sustainability plan will cover low cost, no cost measures to address energy wastage.

In our Energy Savings Opportunities Report (ESOR)  we will also establish technological investments that will deliver commercially viable returns for your business.

Explore technological investments

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