Energy Saving Solutions

Taking further action to reduce your bills and achieve net zero

Once we have a clear picture of your business and its energy consumption we will then be able to recommend energy saving solutions for your business.

Initially this will involve no cost or low cost measures to address the waste- some of the most obvious savings are right in front of us! With these savings harnessed, there are then options to explore commercially viable technological investments that would further enable you to reduce your energy consumption.

Technological Solutions to Energy Saving

(* denotes highest achievable approximate energy savings)
Solar PV
Investing in solar power as a business reduces your electricity bills, improves sustainability and also enhances your company’s brand image on its commitment to net zero.
Electric Vehicle Charging
Invest in EV charging infrastructure for your company fleet – including tailored charging hardware, software and services.

Power Factor Correction (20%*)

Power quality is essential for efficient equipment operation. This smart tech maximises the amount of power drawn from your grid supply and reduces reactive power charges.
Got heating fuelled through gas, oil or LPG? We can remove air and dirt from your heating system to make it more efficient.
Voltage Optimisation (20%*)
Another thrifty technique that regulates your incoming power from the National Grid to the optimum level.

Deaeration Valve (10%*)

Removes air from heating systems, improves efficiency and prevents radiator cold spots.
Dirt Separators (9%*)
Remove gunk from radiators and heating systems to improve efficiency and prevent corrosion.

Carbon Care Fuel Savers (17%*)

Quick-fix fuel saving product that clamps onto fuel lines.
Infra-red Wall Heaters (70%*)
Replaces traditional gas/electric heating.
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