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Get a handle on your utility bills

You want to save costs but when all you hear about is higher prices it can feel like a real challenge.

The past few years has seen a turbulent time for businesses when it comes to utility bills, leaving many people confused about what to do, or how to save costs when it is making such a large impact on their bottom line.

Be reassured though – there are steps you can take, and as we all know, every penny (or kwH) counts!

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Get the best deal with Flexible Energy Buying

Flexible energy buying involves purchasing your energy from multiple suppliers and sources in order to achieve a balance between price, reliability and sustainability.

This enables you to be more strategic in your purchasing decisions to take into account market trends and supply chain risks.

Did you know we can provide fully green tariffs too?

We work with a wide range of suppliers, including those who generate electricity through renewable resources, enabling you to reach your carbon commitments and get closer to Net Zero targets.
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Does this feel familiar?

I’ve used the same provider for years, I always seem to run out of time to shop around, panic and then just renew for ease. However these prices are ridiculous! I need to do something about it!
I’m coming up to the end of my fixed contract, I’ve heard of flexible pricing and I’m wondering if it might save me money instead of fixing again?
I’m scared of fixing for too long, and then missing out when or if the prices lower – what should I do?

At Utili-Tay we are specialists in our field, providing you with straightforward and cost effective contract arrangements for your gas, electricity and water.

How it works:

Letter of Authority
It all starts with the letter of authority, meaning we can access information on your energy usage with your existing supplier and look into alternative options on your behalf.
Your Utili-Tay account manager will come back with recommendations on the best solution for your energy bills which may include Flexible energy buying.
Seamless Transition
It all starts with the letter of authority, meaning we can access information on your energy usage with your existing supplier and look into alternative options on your behalf.

Ready to switch and save money?

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Save money by eliminating wasted energy usage

Our energy and carbon monitoring systems are designed to connect to utility meters and individual devices, providing real-time information and reporting on energy usage.

With these devices care providers can easily track the amount of energy consumed by each appliance in your building, and identify opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, ultimately reducing your energy costs.

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Energy Saving Solutions

Navigating the energy and utilities supplier market can be a daunting task for businesses of any size, particularly for those in the care industry that have unique energy requirements. However, our team of experts provides clear, practical, and cost-effective advice to help you make informed decisions about your suppliers.

At Utili-Tay, we understand that managing costs is critical for care providers. Therefore, we offer a range of services, from energy procurement to energy efficiency measures, that are tailored to meet the needs of the care industry.

We aim to make the utilities procurement process as straightforward and stress-free as possible, allowing our clients to focus on delivering high-quality care services.

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We believe that small changes can make a big difference, and by working together, we can create a greener future for all.

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We would recommend Utili-Tay to any company looking to analyse their costs across energy, water and merchant services.

A local company with an honest, trustworthy ethos.


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I have worked with Utili-Tay and would recommend them to all businesses. The team have a fantastic way of looking at everything and go the extra mile ensuring the best solution is in place for your business. Everything they present is transparent and easy to understand - so you can have faith in your provider. They also make recommendations to services that may be of benefit to a business on a trial basis before any commitment.
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The level of service Utili-Tay provide is exemplary. They keep the customer updated on the process & market conditions regularly, and the staff cannot do enough for their clients.

Craig has created a fantastic team and they look for the best options available across the sectors & provide the best options for their customers.

The cost savings I have recorded by using Utili-Tay’s expertise over the last 2 years is significant and goes into a 5-figure sum.

I can only recommend this as a positive step for your organisation


Start your journey to a greener future

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