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Case Study

UTC Swindon – Eniscope in Action

UTC Swindon is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) College. Their experience in closing the skills gap has been mirrored as they close the gap on energy waste.

As a college specialising in Maths, they have calculated how to wisely save their energy resources both now and on into the future. Not only are they a top performing College as far as education is concerned – they are also now high flyers in the school of benefitting from energy saving and efficiency.

Core values at UTC Swindon include problem solving and teamwork, which both happen to be central to the process of ‘Monitoring & Targeting’. 

With Eniscope installed on site to provide real-time energy data, the College has begun the journey to significant energy savings.

  • £229,000+ Guaranteed Energy Savings Over 10 Years
  • 43% Energy Verified Savings
  • 237+ Tonnes Carbon Savings

Having Eniscope in place has enabled UTC to have

  • Accurate energy information
  • Cloud-based data analysis
  • Clear commitment to sustainability

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