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Case Study

NHS Tameside and Glossop integrated care

An Example of Eniscope in Action

The Trust’s ethos for providing “care in the right place” is mirrored in the care they take to responsibly manage their energy use.

Preventing illness in the first place while continuing to monitor support for their patients’ needs are principal drivers.

Likewise, taking care to prevent wasted energy and monitoring its use has optimised their efficiency, key factors for our Nation’s health care providers.

Efficiency within the NHS is something that’s really really important, so we can use the resources that we’ve got more wisely and, more effectively, to be able to care appropriately for people
Jane McCall
Chair - NHS Tameside and Glossop integrated care

Challenges faced 

  1. Costs of providing community care where the patients need it, in the face of rising energy costs.
  2. Fulfilling stakeholder expectations.
  3. One of the first organisations to provide integrated care across the wider community.
  4. Keeping people well in the first place as part of their prevention agenda.

What was installed 

  • 16 Eniscopes 
  • 107 channels of monitoring, providing critical energy waste insights 
  • Real-time large-scale finger on the pulse energy use 

How has Eniscope Helped?

The Foundation Trust has been assisted in reaching their organisation’s remit by

  • Saving funds to provide the most effective care in a wider community.
  • Optimising efficient energy application and accurate billing.
  • Eliminating inefficient energy usage.
  • Maintaining exemplary standards in caring for responsible energy consumption.

Goals for coming years 

Keeping people well and preventing unnecessary illness while continuing to provide after care and support for the Tameside and Glossop community is ongoing. Reducing the number of patient hand-offs improves customer care so they only have to give their story once.

Efficient energy care frees up valuable resources to best meet their future growth and ability to provide a high-quality patient experience through improved personal care.

The same resources now go further than ever before. Eniscope enabled the effective energy management strategy.


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