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Case Study

Eddy’s Food Station

Opening their first store in May 2022 Eddy’s Food Station has ambitious expansion plans with 30 Scottish sites outlined to open within their initial 5 years of operation.

Their stores offer a wide range of groceries, and focus on providing a high-quality, Scottish, daily takeaway menu of hot and cold fresh foods, from filled rolls to hot pizza slices.

This diverse offering however means that refrigeration, and heating appliances are in high use throughout their opening hours, resulting in higher running costs. In a narrow margin, high volume game like Eddy's, energy costs can make a huge impact on the bottom line.

“We treat Utili-Tay like a professional service, with such an impact to our business we need to be proactive - utilities can’t be just an annual conversation"
David Southern
Eddys Food Station

With a proactive business energy strategy we recommended to David that we utilise a flexible buying contract rather than just fixing with one supplier, this enables us to get the best prices for them by sourcing from multiple suppliers and price points.

Commenting on the arrangement David explained “Everyone else in the market had just wanted us to fix, – The phone calls all just felt like they just wanted to convert on a sale rather than make a long-term, positive impact on our business. We have already saved approximately 35% on our monthly energy bills, which all goes to our bottom line. Looking forward to our growth trajectory, the money saved through economies of scale on every 1p spent is huge! – just by us working with the energy experts, Utili-Tay”.

With Eddy’s Food station on a journey to expand rapidly, they are installing the carbon monitoring system (Eniscope) in their Greenock shop as a pilot to provide investors with evidential results and then mirror it out through their new stores.

David continued “Utili-Tay are helping us to shake out energy saving myths using data from their carbon monitoring system. We need hard facts to help us make decisions and recognise the individual costs of our offering, helping us to improve our profitability. We want to make an impact quickly, but also appreciate that this is an ongoing process – what gets measured, gets managed!”


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