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Case Study

Corus Hotels – Eniscope in Action

The challenge to keep guests comfortable day and night, and provide 24-hour service, typically demands high energy consumption for both heating and lighting.

In the case of the Burnham Beeches Hotel, the period Georgian architecture encompasses more than 82 classically styled rooms – including suites and function rooms – resulting in a substantial outlay on energy; close to £1.5m on gas and electricity utilities over the last decade (circa £150,000 p/a).

With the context of staggering energy price rises, this outlay is only set to increase – a fact that drove Corus to seek a powerful, non-disruptive solution. Providing a dependable and efficient energy reduction service has never been more valuable -fortunately Eniscope provided the answer.

Forecasted Results:

  • £319K+ savings spanning 10 years
  • 34% less energy consumption
  • 1483_ Equivalent tonnes of Co2 saved
  • 40,000kWh saved approximately each month

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