Carbon Monitoring

Save money by understanding where you are wasting energy

We are bombarded everyday with news on rising energy prices, threats to security of supply and energy being the biggest contributor to climate change.

While we hear lots about renewable energy being the solution, the biggest impact we could make to the environment and our profit line is simply using less energy.

The Journey to Net Zero starts with energy monitoring.

Accurately understanding your current position through energy monitoring is critical for navigating a journey to Net Zero, enabling you to see progress and determine how you will achieve your outstanding targets and save on costs.

Real-time energy monitoring allows us to:

  • Eliminate hours of energy waste
  • Expose energy abusing equipment
  • Prove savings and change user behavior
  • Identify maintenance issues before they happen
  • Accurately calculator tenant billing

79% of businesses view reducing electricity costs as essential to creating and maintaining competitive advantage

Deloitte Resources Study
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How we work with you


Energy Audit & Carbon Review

Your account manager will arrange a site visit


Your ccount manager will  will then propose options to reduce your ongoing utilities costs and carbon footprint.

Carbon Monitoring

We install our carbon monitoring hardware and software, which your account manager will use to review your usage for an initial 3 months. This data will allow you to make operational adjustments going forward.

Quarterly Reviews

From month 4 onwards, your account manager will provide quarterly reviews to monitor progress and offer advice and recommendations to optimise savings.

About Eniscope

Eniscope is our energy monitoring hardware that combines unmatched hardware with a leading software platform in one holistic solution.
Eniscope carbon monitoring system by Utili-Tay in Dundee, Scotland.Image

How does it work?

Eniscope provides tens of thousands of sites worldwide with truly end-to-end energy management. Easy to install hardware sends granular energy data to your dashboard, available from any device, anywhere. And with intuitive reporting, public displays, automatic alarms and a whole suite of IoT sensors - the Eniscope eco-system is more than just hardware. It’s a hugely powerful solution relied upon by global names like 7-Eleven, KFC & IBM and now being utilised by local firms like AM Phillip and XX.

Eniscope doesn’t work alone. Each device is IoT connected and able to receive data from wireless sensors across your facility - that means occupancy, temperature, humidity and much more – all placing your energy data in context.

With remote control functionality that allows you to turn off energy abusing equipment at the touch of a button, on an automated schedule or even based on a series of logic-based rules with our new automated intelligence features.


How much energy is your business wasting just now?

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