solar PV panel on a sunny day in Dundee

Achieving Net Zero with Solar PV

December 18, 2023

Whether you’re struggling with your energy costs or simply looking to be more efficient, many of us are searching for solutions to help us achieve Net Zero.

For most businesses to form a net zero strategy, they need to understand the benefits of the energy saving technologies that they are investing in whether that’s installing a carbon monitoring system or adding renewable technology like solar panels, wind turbines or electric vehicles to your site.

In the short video below, you can find out everything you need to know about how to reduce your energy usage and costs with solar PV ☀️

Listen to the advice of our own industry experts, Craig Elder and Michelle De Almeida alongside our friends from solar providers, Forester Group to discuss how solar power can lead you to a green future!

Watch now!

So now you know how to achieve your net zero targets using solar PV, why not explore our other tips on how to become more energy efficient – read more here.

To learn more about how Utili-Tay could help you to achieve your net zero targets or save money on your bills, get in touch with our team who can advise you on the most appropriate energy saving solutions for your business.

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